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Get Crafty with a Homemade Stick Horse

We’ve all seen it, our kids zoning out on an iPad or in front of the TV when it’s a perfectly lovely day outside. Sometimes all it takes to get your little ones a little vitamin D is some imagination. We made this cute stick horse last week, which not only got them outside for a bit, it also gave us a chance to be crafty together. If you’re interested in a quick, easy project that your little ones can help with, here’s how we made ours!



Step 1) Not The Godfather

The two most important parts of a stick horse are the horse and the stick, and the first step to making a successful stick horse is making the horse’s head. To begin, put two pieces of fabric together and cut them into a rough horse head shape. We just guessed when we made ours, but you perfectionists out there can trace out a more precise shape with some chalk. Sew the pieces together around the edge, stopping at the neck opening (you need a place to put the stuffing!). Turn the freshly stitched head inside out to hide the seams.

Step 2) Stuff the horse

Take your fluff of choice and fill up the horse head. You can stuff it as much or as little as you’d like. The more you stuff it, the easier it is to mount on the stick.

Step 3) Give your horse some personality

This step is where you can really make the horse your own! We wanted a realistic horse, so we used the same fabric for the ears that we used for the head and white fabric for the eyes. However, your horse is your horse! Its ears and eyes can be green or blue or two different colors, have fun! We also added a little flair to our horse with a red bridle cut out of fabric. Use a hot glue gun to attach the eyes, ears and other accoutrements.

Step 4) Your kids’ mane man

Cut your yarn into 4-5 inch strings and them together into little bunches. Glue the bunches from the top of the horse’s head down the neck to make a cute mane.

Step 5) Saddle up

To attach your horse to the stick, simply insert the stick into the opening in the neck and staple the excess fabric to the wood. We wrapped some tape around the opening for a little extra security.

Step 6) Play!

Your horse is ready to gallop!

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