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My Baby Won’t Sleep On Its Back!

Baby (Don’t) Got Back

If you spend any time at all on the parenting corners of the internet, you’ll inevitably run into a concerned mom or dad who can’t get his or her infant to sleep on its back. Baby sleep posture is a real concern for parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the safest sleeping position for babies is on their backs, but babies can’t read, so they don’t always listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics and try to sleep in every position but the safe one.

If you have a squirmy baby, it can be impossible to keep your child in safe sleeping position. She’ll roll onto her tummy and try to sleep or cry until you pick her up. Either way, you’re not getting any rest!

The Dangers of Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling blankets, receiving blankets and sleep sacks can hold down wiggly babies so they stay on their backs, but they carry risks. Blankets can shake loose and flimsy velcro can unstick, creating a new hazard while also allowing your baby to roll over. Some popular swaddles even secure on the back, which means you have no visual way of know if it’s working correctly! It can feel like the only option is to stay up all night watching your little one. (Then you can trade places as she watches you nod off all day.)

Safest Sleep for Babies

Since I had made my own swaddles for my children, I didn’t realize other parents were having these problems until I started talking to them online. While the recommendation that babies sleep on their backs has only been around for a few decades, Czech moms must have known something from the beginning, because the swaddles that the Baby Ota is based on have kept babies on their backs for centuries.

Once I learned that roly-poly infants were scaring parents every night, I incorporated those concerns into the Baby Ota design. The soft padding is comforting while still being sturdy, it doesn’t twist and wrap like swaddling blankets. It also forces the baby into a supine position, while our patent-pending Three Bow security system allows you to dictate how tightly your infant is swaddled. By securing on the front, all it takes is a quick glance to make sure nothing has come loose.

The Baby Ota offers the advantages you traditionally associate with swaddling – comfort, quiet and cuteness, while also keeping your infant in a safe sleeping position.

If you’re tearing your hair out because your baby won’t sleep on his back, maybe he just needs a Baby Ota to cuddle up in. He’ll sleep soundly and safely, and so will you!

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