Baby Ota Swaddle Comfort


Human history has proven that babies prefer being in soft, warm, supportive environments over any other alternative - they're unique that way. The original swaddle, Baby Ota is designed to soothe even the coliciest of tots, without making you want to throw a tantrum yourself. Here's how the Baby Ota helps your baby get to sleep and sleep through the night.

Cuddly for Babies and The Environment

Baby Ota is made of a blend of bamboo and hand-selected cotton, for the softest possible swaddling experience, no matter the weather. Bamboo fiber is softer and stronger than cotton, while also being much easier on the environment! Like a luxury robe, it naturally wicks away moisture, repels bacteria and fungi, and dries twice as fast as cotton - all great things to counteract babies' natural tendency to be damp and touch dirty things. Bamboo is also naturally insect repellent, which keeps mites and other creepy crawlies away. Because Baby Otas are environmentally friendly, you'll be teaching your baby environmental sustainability before they’ve even established object permanence.

If your precocious bundle somehow wanders into a sticky situation, the Baby Ota is easy to launder. Simply remove the pillows and wash the covering. It's machine washer safe and air dries quickly, good as new.

The Benefits of Swaddling with a Baby Ota

Swaddling, or the art of making your baby look like a little Czech pastry, is centuries old and has numerous proven benefits. Gently wrapping the baby in a warm, secure swaddle helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep. It also keeps the baby sleeping on its back, the safest sleeping position for babies, with no extra blanket to pull over its cute little face.

Baby Otas are both simpler and more sophisticated than other swaddles - a combo that comes from hundreds of years of research and development. The fluffy pillows provide the baby with comfortable padding while also supporting the head and neck and keeping the face and ears warm. Patent-pending Three Bow comfort ties allow you to adjust the swaddle to your baby as it grows, while still letting the baby move its arms and legs naturally. Babies come in all different shapes, sizes, and levels of squirminess and Baby Ota fits them all! It's comfort, without constriction, and it only takes a few seconds to have your baby bundled up and ready to go (or go to sleep). Plus, unlike swaddling blankets and receiving blankets, the Baby Ota is made to last.

Everywhere Comfort

Baby Ota is portable and versatile. You can wrap your baby up for a nap, carry it around town and show it off like Czech moms do, or use it for added cushion in a stroller. The Baby Ota can also be spread out and used as a blanket, comforter or play mat, which means even when your child outgrows the Baby Ota, it’ll still be able to use it as a source of comfort and security.

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