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Bedtime Music that You and Your Baby Will Love

Kids music is perfect for what it is, simple, happy, repetitive tunes to keep rambunctious children calm and engaged. Unfortunately, those same qualities that make children’s music great for little ones make it intolerable for adults. You may be tired of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” but it’s still important to make music a part of your baby’s life. Infants and toddlers benefit from music in many ways. Music is calming for babies, it’s why every parent starts singing lullabies when they’re trying to put a little one to bed. It’s also important for bonding. Music introduces children your voice, and provides opportunities to dance and clap and play together. It establishes intimacy between parent and child.


Music engages the creative pathways of your child’s brain. Listening to Beethoven may not turn your child into Beethoven, but it’s an important step in their development. Through music, you can introduce new concepts to your child, like an appreciation of art, different cultures and simply listening. Research has shown that listening to music improves creativity and cognitive skills in young people. As your child grows older, an appreciation for music will be helpful in forming his or her own identity and strengthening social bonds with peers.


Of course, all of that is secondary to your primary goal, which is getting your baby to sleep! Another benefit to music is that it helps you establish a routine. When you put your baby down and turn on some soft music, he or she will unconsciously come to understand that those noises mean it’s time to go to sleep. With that in mind, Baby Ota has put together a playlist that you can put on as you wrap your baby up in its Ota and put it to bed. Unlike, “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” these are songs you and your baby will enjoy.


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