About Baby Ota

About the Ota

The Baby Ota originated in the Czech Republic, where hearty women had to protect their not so hearty babies from the frigid winters and hot summers. To keep babies warm, dry and safe, they invented the zavinovacka (zah-veen-oh-vach-ka), or “wrap-me blanket.” Unlike other swaddling blankets or receiving blankets, the zavinovacka was padded, sturdy and designed to last. Over time, zavinovacka grew more ornate, and friends and family started making them as heirlooms for expectant mothers. When the child was born, mom and dad would take the newborn around the village and introduce it to neighbors in the ornate zavinovacka. Now, Ivana Otahalova, Baby Ota's founder, has brought the tradition to the US, to the relief of moms everywhere. The Baby Ota's modern take on the zavinovacka uses a patent-pending Three Bow comfort tie that allow parents to keep babies comfy and secure while also adjusting for size and activity level.

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About Ivana

Ivana Otahalova is a native of the Czech Republic, married to a very supportive husband, Aaron, and a mother of two: Lidia and Auggie, who both speak Czech, English and Spanish. Despite the abundance of wraps and swaddle blankets marketed at American moms, Ivana never found anything that matched the comfort and convenience of the zavinovacka back home. So, she made one of her own for her baby. Once other parents saw baby Lidia in the Ota, they had to have one too. Now, she's providing environmentally friendly Baby Otas to parents all across the United States.

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Ivana is a full-time mom, full-time business owner, and a part-time giver of sound advice. Ivana understands the difficulties in wrangling rug rats while also trying live a normal life, and will answer your questions in our monthly newsletter.